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Welcome to the EV Zone

Car sharing and Subscription services, together with high competition and a limited number of government grants are making the transition to electric vehicles even easier.

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Lucid Air
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2020 is the Year of the EV.

More new models and manufacturers are entering the marketplace in greater numbers than ever before.

EVs are benefiting from increased range as battery and production technology advances at an unprecedented rate.

Vehicles are becoming increasingly autonomous, and with higher levels of technological gadgetry.

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Uniti One
Uniti_Logo Tungsten.png

Designed in Sweden and developed in the UK, the Uniti One has been created from the ground-up to be the ideal electric vehicle for the daily urban commute - a stylish, yet affordable EV that balances the needs of society with an inspired driving experience.


  • Tire Pressure Monitoring

  • Electric windows

  • Electrochromic Panoramic Sunroof