Designed in Sweden.  Built for the world
Designed in Sweden and developed in the UK, the Uniti One has been created from the ground-up to be the ideal electric vehicle for the daily urban commute - a stylish, yet affordable EV that balances the needs of society with an inspired driving experience.
Top Speed
75 mph
186 miles
24 kwh / Li-On

FROM £15,100*

* Vehicle price shown includes VAT and £3,500 UK government grant.  Vehicle delivery is separate.  Minor aesthetic changes may occur between images shown and delivered product.

The Uniti One has been designed in response to evolving urban environments, vehicle usage and driving patterns. With its minimal size and weight, driver-focused ethos and zero-emission EV credentials, our vehicle has been optimally engineered for the city.
The Uniti One is designed for shared mobility. With all the connectivity of a smartphone and a developer friendly architecture, it’s ready for a future of peer-to-peer car sharing, fleet car sharing or on demand delivery services.
The Uniti One leverages the benefits of Android Automotive OS, an integrated system that brings access to dozens of Play Store apps and services without requiring a connected smartphone. 
Beyond infotainment, the interface also provides easy access to key vehicle functions, such as lighting, heating and ventilation, all controlled via a familiar touch screen or hands-free, voice activated interface.
In the Uniti One you'll enjoy features like an electrochromatic panoramic roof and sunvisor, to dim the glass all on the touchscreen.
A center seated driver enjoys unparalleled visibility of city traffic along with surprising cabin space - even for tall drivers.
The rear seats also offer ample space for two adult passengers or easily lay flat to carry up to a generous 760 L of cargo.
Flowing seamlessly from the exterior into and throughout the cabin, Uniti’s Scandinavian design approach creates a distinctive yet minimalistic and uncluttered feel.
Further enhancing the ambiance, the cabin can be personalised with fully-configurable RGB mood lighting, which subtly accents the roof, dashboard, and doors.
The feeling of space and tranquillity provided by the Uniti One’s panoramic roof is accentuated further by the cabin’s innovative layout, and attention to detail seldom seen in small city cars.


Despite its compact size, safety is inherent in Uniti One’s design philosophy. This philosophy is best expressed through its high-strength in-board upper structure that keeps interior deformation to a minimum in the event of an impact. The vehicle is also equipped with a host of passive and active safety equipment as standard.





Detects loss of control on curves and avoids accidents by instantly applying individual brakes and slowing engine speed.
Prevents the wheels from locking up, reduces the risk of skidding and helps wheels maintain grip with the road below.
Warns driver that at least one or more tyres are significantly under-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions.
Driver airbag, three-point seat belts, and two rear Isofix anchor points for securely locking in child safety seats.


An extra couple seconds are often all that is needed to avoid serious accidents.  That’s why the Uniti One includes an optional upgrade to Intel’s MobilEye 6 collision avoidance system to provide both a visual and auditory warnings of an impending collisions and lane departures.





Continuously monitors vehicles in the driver’s path and provides alerts prior to potentially critical situations.
Identifies pedestrians and cyclists during daylight hours and alerts driver if there is ever a collision risk.
Follows lane markings on the road ahead and alerts the driver when the vehicle drifts off its current driving lane.
Keeps driver aware of various speed limits and issues an alert whenever the vehicle exceeds the maximum legal speed.